Iain Stewart Architectural Illustration

Pricing and Timeframe

All of my images are priced on an individual basis. I can provide an estimate from a short description of the project within a couple of hours of receiving an email or the initial phone conversation. I ask that my clients email me the AutoCAD, DXF, or SKP files for a final price quote so that I may fully understand what is expected of me prior to pricing each job. My prices are quite competitive within the industry and I can usually work to most budgets and short timeframes.

Many of my clients have projects that are not fully designed and wish me to aid in developing a rendering based on a conceptual sketch or a massing model. My background in architecture allows me to take conceptual imagery or photographs of existing projects and, working with your team, quickly generate a design and view based on your comments and suggestions.

I can work from your digital model or create one in house. I use Sketchup as my primary modeling program.


There are usually four stages in each illustration I create. At each stage you are invited to make comments or suggestions and to approve the image before I start work on the next phase. Please advance the page to see a sample of a recent project in which I was asked to take a simple massing model and through photographic and verbal instruction aid in developing a feasible design and a ready to market image of the property.


Phase One – Model view


My client provided me with a blocked out model of the property and a general view. I imported the model into Sketchup and added some site details and entourage for scale. I usually send 2-3 views like this to my clients before we settle on the final vantage point.


Phase Two – Initial sketch


In this phase I complete the initial sketch. For this project I was provided with a few rough sketches and some sample photographs depicting the style the designer was looking to achieve. Based on their comments I designed a scene with appropriate architectural detailing and submitted this sketch for review.


Phase Three – Final drawing


After receiving comments from the architect I made a few changes to the streetscape by adding fountains and defining the outdoor dining. I then completed the final drawing by hand, firming up the details and accuracy of the perspective. At this point it is important to note that major changes concerning the view or entourage will be difficult to complete as erasing on watercolor paper harms the surface once I have added any color. I ask that my clients carefully review the final drawing and conceptual sketch to be sure that the scene is correct and all the required elements are in the drawing


Phase Four – Color and delivery


I will need any material samples and color information prior to beginning this stage. I paint the final drawing on watercolor paper. I typically use Arches watercolor paper for its durability and overall quality. I paint with Winsor Newton Artist’s Series and Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolors.

Once the painting is completed I scan the image and send a low resolution scan for final approval. If there are minor changes concerning color I will address them at this point and re-scan the image. Once I have received final approval I will send a high resolution TIFF scanned at 300 dpi or higher and the original if requested.