Iain Stewart Architectural Illustration
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Iain Stewart has been painting in watercolor for over 20 years and has operated Iain Stewart Architectural Illustration since 1996.

He has created hundreds of renderings for clients across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for a vast array of building / usage types. As an Architect he understands that an architectural rendering is first and foremost about accuracy and the ability to capture and retain your client’s interest.

As computer generated renderings have become the standard presentation tool in architectural design, the line quality and subtle colors of a thoughtfully hand made illustration are extremely effective in reinforcing the human element in modern architectural presentation.  As an Architect and a working Gallery Artist, Iain Stewart’s images combine both the technical accuracy of a drafted perspective and the artistic atmosphere of a gallery piece.

Iain is available to work with your firm in person for fast paced vignette work or in the role of a traditional illustrator working from his studio. His work ethic and strong communication skills will insure that your image is completed on time and remain true to your original intent. He is well versed in most 2D and 3D software, Photoshop, and all the tools of the modern office environment. He can work from your 2D plans to create a computer model to generate your desired view or use a model you provide.

Renderings are used for many different purposes. Iain Stewart Architectural Illustration can provide your firm with the most appropriate, cost effective, way to showcase your design from a small gestural vignette to a formal large scale presentation watercolor. Iain can accommodate most budgets and short timeframes.